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Episode 01: An Unearthly Show

Featured Special Guest: Alan Kistler, Actor, Author and Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Comic Book Historian


On the first podcast, Alan and Joe discuss the first incarnation of the Doctor, as played by William Hartnell from 1963-1966.  We talk about how the JFK assassination affected the broadcast of the very first episode, how the Doctor started off as kind of a jerk, how Doctor Who was really intended to be an educational series for children and, of course, the dreaded Daleks!  All this and more on An Unearthly Show!

Host: Joe Dilworth
Special Guest: Alan Kistler
Editor: Mike Seidl
Producers: Mike Seidl and Joe Dilworth

Special Thanks to Chris Ullrich for his invaluable help

Doctor Who and related elements © BBC
Original content © Average Joe Media

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